These are various resources I’ve come across and referenced in some way and found them worth sharing. I will update this periodically as I clean up my research.

  • This is not intended to be a comprehensive list in any way, nor a formal endorsement.
  • I’m not a medical professional, so please bear that in mind when reading my summaries and thoughts.
  • Where possible, a book has been linked to its page at the Toronto Public Library (TPL), my amazing local library system. It should have all the information if you need to look it up at your own library or favourite bookstore. If you’re interested in buying the book and it is available, please consider doing so through the TPL site – they have an affiliate program where a portion of the sale will go to them for use in funding their programs and services. Thank you!

Palliative care

Still frequently thought of as “end-of-life care”, palliative care focuses treating the whole person, especially in areas of pain management. Currently, modern medicine focuses heavily on cures, often resulting in extreme pain or discomfort. A growing movement is focused on bringing palliative care into other areas of care.

The following includes more technical medical papers.

Caregiver resources

Advanced care planning/Making your end-of-life wishes known

Talking about death

  • Dying Matters: England and Wales-based group aiming to help people talk more openly about death, bereavement, and planning for end of life
  • The Dying Well Collective – spaces for conversations on dying, death and grief