Chapter 9 page 15

Sanbao finishes reading the rest of the letter over a shot of the Shining Prince looking pensive and melancholy in front of a field of pampas grass, leaves and petals billowing in the wind.
Sanbao: “P.S. My deepest apologies for subjecting you, a true master of the heckle, to my feeble attempt. I hope it provided a measure of amusement. May this haiku recall fond memories of your Arena days.”
Yùzǐ: Aww, he’s so thoughtful!
Sanbao: Aww, no more smack talk.
Wubao: …It sounds like there should be more…!
Sanbao: Oh there is! “I trust that retirement is treating you well and that you are enjoying many splendid moments at the Kansa laundromat. I humbly request the honour of gleaning a little of your wisdom and experience whenever your valuable time permits.
Thank you for entertaining my unworthy solicitation. Sincerely, the Shining Prince.”
“P.P.S. Please enjoy these snacks in return for your kind consideration.”
Erbao: What! Did you say snacks??

Special feature: SpiderForest 2021 Comics of the Week – It’s a Kind of Magic. These two tales pull off unique use of the magical realms… not to mention fantastic character relationships and dialogue!

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