Chapter 9 page 13

Morio continues to sort laundry from Yùzǐ’s head while Yùzǐ and Emmie chat. We flash back to a recent message at the laundromat.
Yùzǐ: Yeah! And he even sent me a message the other day!
Emmie: Wow he did?? 
[Several days ago…]
*listening to music in the laundromat, several laundrybots are bopping*
(Sanbao: Badum badum doot doot doot)
A messagebot maiji wearing a hat and long-sleeved robes: *fwip fwip fwip*
Sanbao: Huh? It’s a messagebot maiji. But it’s all fancy.
*Messagebot maiji holds out a fan with flower blossoms resting on it* 

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Now Recharging
Now Recharging – Emmie: “Hehehe it’s meeee! Thank you for reading! Also, summaries are hard… I tried before [here] and Morio helped me too [here]. How would you guys summarize Now Recharging in 2-3 sentences? I’m sooo curious?? :O”
O Sarilho
O Sarilho – An ancient satellite, thought to be in orbit for over 500 years, crashes into enemy territory. The Kirchhoff brothers are sent on a mission to recover its remains, but they end up finding something else entirely… And the locals have an eye on it too.