Chapter 8 page 17

 A hand raps on the glass. An energetic man with his hair tied into a bun wakes the robot up, gesturing enthusiastically all the while and speaking cheerfully without pause. He’s surrounded by computer screens running various programs.
Start up technician: Helloo! Good morning! (Have a good sleep?) Guess what, buddy? (Big news!) Today’s your lucky day!
A gladiatorbot retired! Who’da thought?
Your time to shine! (Wow wow wow)
You’re gonna get your uploads today! Your body parts are coming in soon too!
I’m here to set up your persona and foundational knowledge bank!
(Exciting stuff, huh?)
Here comes your source material!
(Let’s dooo iiiit)

Author’s notes: New Year New You! I swear I didn’t time things to make this the first comic of 2021, but it just happened to work out this way. Serendipity!

♥ Maiji (January 4, 2021)