Chapter 8 page 10

Mx. Zhou and the unseen robot continue their conversation.
Mx. Zhou: Hmm. Well, it’s really long… I don’t even know if it’s going to be approved. It might be a waste of time.
?: It would not be a waste of time.
Mx. Zhou: …I guess the startup techs could still add it after your foundational knowledge bank is set up.
?: I very much prefer your reading, Mx. Zhou. But I appreciate anything you can do. Your time is valuable.
Mx. Zhou: Wow, look at you. Who taught you to be so polite? Just for that, I think I will read you a chapter.
?: Yay. Hip. Hip. Hoo-ray.
Mx. Zhou: OK… I guess we can start from here. This part is like its own separate story anyways.
*fwip fwip fwip*
?: That is a very big book, Mx. Zhou. 
Mx. Zhou: I told you…