Chapter 7 page 137

The Crescent Asura and the Prince chat while the control room prepares for the intermission show.
Crescent Asura: You’ve been even more cheerful since the M-series robots came to visit.
Prince: Yeah!
Technician: Control room initiating opening pyro sequence.
Main impact timed to land in ten seconds. All entrance gladiators, actively maintain a safe distance.

Author’s notes: Finished a new illustration on the weekend – the Magnolia General with sheeptaur Emmie and naga Morio 😀 You can see it here!

Also, SpiderForest just released a highlight of all the new comics that joined the collective this month! If you’re looking for more great webcomics, this is a wonderful place to start. (And the post has a super cute banner of characters from each comic by Kristina Stipetic, creator of Alethia – including Emmie and Ranran! Eeee!)

♥ Maiji (August 17, 2020)