Chapter 7 page 133

The Prince grabs Emmie and Morio’s hands and clasps them together.
Prince: We really are like family! Let’s stay in touch!!

Author’s notes: You might’ve noticed a new banner across the top of this site. Now Recharging joined SpiderForest! It’s a long-running collective of many high quality webcomics, and it’s an honour to be part of it. If you love well-crafted stories, do check it out – there are many to discover across different genres. And the community itself is wonderful too – a fun, respectful and supportive group of creators!

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I’ve had some issues with my neck and arm recently that’s been affecting my ability to draw and work at the computer for long periods of time. I’m optimistic things are improving, hopeful that I’ll be able to get back into the swing of things soon, and most of all trying to be good about not straining myself! I get very antsy when I can’t work on art… (It shouldn’t affect Now Recharging for the time being as I’d made very good progress on upcoming pages before this happened.)

All that said, my problems feel so small compared to what’s going on in the world and what so many people are facing. I’ve been blessed to be able to support a number of causes recently, including the Black Solidarity Fund (through Canada Helps) and the Philip Aziz Centre and Emily’s House. In the case of the latter, I was able to donate $550 earlier this summer. It’s not a huge number, but it’s extra special for me because it included all profits from sales through my INPRNT store to date. Thank you so much to everyone who bought art/shared information about it! I plan to continue to donate my profits from INPRNT sales to charity as long as I am able to. (And I just added a Now Recharging piece to the store today!)

If you can, please consider supporting some local charities in your area. There are lots of awful things happening in the world right now, but also many amazing human beings doing good and very important work.

And please don’t forget to take care of yourself too.

♥ Maiji (August 3, 2020)