Chapter 6 page 24

Emmie makes many gestures as they talk, mimicking a game of hide-and-seek followed by a forced smile. They fidget in mild embarrassment at being found out. Susan is quietly moved, and pats Emmie on the back.
Susan: I’m curious, Emmie—how come you didn’t say anything?
Emmie: Because feel bad. Donwan Susan feel bad too.
Susan: Is that why you crumpled the paper and put it over your head? Because you felt bad?
Emmie: No. Is pweten why a hying game so you fink we still pwaying anden you don feel bad. 
Susan: It’s pretend like hiding game so I think you’re still playing so I don’t feel bad?
Emmie: Yeh. *fidget*
Susan: …Thank you for thinking of me, Emmie.
Emmie: You waocome.