Chapter 6 page 20

Susan remembers her grandmother, an elderly woman with a kind face with laugh lines. She holds a golden ginkgo leaf in her hand, and interacts with child Susan who is playing with many different leaves. In another memory, child Susan hides behind furniture while her grandmother pretends she can’t find her. Gradually, Emmie peeks out from under the crumpled sheet again. Susan smiles at Emmie, then looks into the distance, her expression far away.
Susan: Mister Bug reminds me of my grandma. I loved to visit her house. She always had time for me and anything I was into. We would play all sorts of games.
[Susan’s grandma: Susie? Where did Susie go? 
Child Susan: *giggle giggle*]
Like hide and seek.
Emmie: *crumple* *peek*
Susan: One day, we stopped visiting her house.