Chapter 0 page 9

Emmie’s first interview ends without an offer. More interviews follow, equally unsuccessful.
Interviewer 1: I’m very sorry, but we’re looking for someone a bit more…
…precise. Your style is a little too casual for us.
Interviewer 2: But thank you for your time.
Emmie: Oh, OK.
Interviewer 3: What strategy would you use when dealing with difficult customers?
Emmie: Always smile, don’t swear, and don’t punch them in the face! (Boss says I’m getting really good at it too!)
Interviewer 4: “Kitchen activities ideally supervised”?
Emmie: Uhhh I tend to freestyle… (Hahaha) (That’s how real chefs do it, right) (You can always sub stuff / 5 teaspoons sugar, 5 tablespoons salt / it’s all good)
Interviewer 5: Whoever heard of a robot that needs its calculations double-checked??
Emmie: B-but it’s only for really really hard math (…like big numbers and multiplication and division and)