To be honest, it’s more like “Everybody who’s not a human”, and it’s not quite everybody… but it’s a lot of them!

Mid-Autumn Moon

The Moon Fairy, the Jade Rabbit, the Solar Archer and his ten Sun Crows. Digital illustration in Affinity Photo. Details below!.


The Magnolia General, sheeptaur Emmie, and naga Morio. This piece uses sparkly watercolours! Detail photos below.

Dark Warrior / Radiant Bird

The Dark Warrior of the North and the Radiant Bird of the South are a pair of gladiatorbots who were designed and developed in tandem. Released to the public on the same day, both proved very successful, their trading cards ranking among the most popular for collectors. The Dark Warrior remains active and is considered a threat to the current rising star of the Arena of Red Dust, the Prince. The Radiant Bird, however, was decommissioned following an unfortunate accident at the Arena.