Chapter 10 page 19

It turns out Shiny’s fragrance feature is not well-suited to the laundromat.
Morio: Are you able to turn off the scent?
Shiny: I am afraid I cannot. The technicians do all the adjustments.
Ibao: This is a fragrance-free run. Even if it’s hypoallergenic, some people just don’t like scents.
Shiny: Oh no. I am so sorry…
Yùzǐ:: It’s OK! We just gotta air ‘em out and reprocess.
(Reprocessing order number —  Rescheduling upcoming X orders…)
Vacuum pipes sucking up the rolled socks from Shiny’s arms: *fffff*

Author’s notes: I recently finished a drawing of Gladiator Emmie based on Sibao’s imagination in Chapter 7. Just some experimenting with colour and brushes. Sheeps sheep!! (Looking at the picture now, it kind of looks like Emmie’s charging for a headbutt…)

♥ Maiji (June 14, 2021)

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